Project activities

  • For each project meeting there will be as a permanent activity the planting together of a tree of the project:  The Green Tree of Friendship, as a reminder of the friendship and cooperation between our nations. 

First year -
  1.  Each school or class taking part in the project will arrange a corner of the school or class named “The Green Corner” of the project.
  2.  The emblem of the project will be decided upon
  3.  A web page of the project will be made
  4. Each team will make either a little movie or a poster/banner/billboard to advertise and introduce the project by highlighting the importance of the triple R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. They will be then disseminated through the local media.
  5. Each teacher and student from the project teams will write a ’’green” resolution for the year 2014 entitled “My Green Resolution”.
  6. Each team part of the project will make Christmas and New Year decorations and toys out of materials that can be recycled. 
  7. The first number of “A Green Drop for The Blue Planet” magazine will be issued. 
  8. A “Free Bazaar” will be organized with the products made for Valentine’s Day.
  9. Each school will organize a contest for the funniest and most original dump bins used for sorting the waste into categories (i.e. paper, plastic etc.)
  10. Each school will organize an activity to collect toys and books.
  11. A ’’Free Bazaar” will be then held where toys and books will be exchanged and the remaining toys and books will be donated to children’s homes or to children from poor families
  12.  A solarium for plants will be made from plastic bottles in the school garden following a chart or outline that will be previously posted on the site
  13. The school garden will be made 
  14. Each school will organize a fashion show/presentation with clothes made from recycling materials. The show/presentation will be filmed and posted on the site
  15. The children from each team will team up in order to write screenplays on the subject of the 3 R’s.
  16. The screenplays will be then used by the teams of children to make films which will be put on a CD. 
  17. • The second number of the project magazine ““A Green Drop for The Blue Planet”    will be issued on the subject of global warming.

Second year -
  1. A flashmob will be organized in each town in order to make the community sensitive to the need of cutting down energy consumption. Many young people should be involved in this activity alongside with the local media.
  2. Posters and flyers will be made in order to make the community more sensible when it comes to cutting expenditures.
  3. Contests will be held in each school for the best and most original poster, flyer or sticker on the subject of Reducing. The winner ones will be posted on the site and also printed out and distributed in the school and community.
  4. The third number of the project magazine “A Green Drop for The Blue Planet” will be issued on the subject of Reducing and the need to Reduce.
  5. International workshops organized with the purpose of making trinkets out of recycling materials
  6. An international team will make a calendar for 2015 using the best and well made posters and flyers on energy consumption. Each partner will distribute the calendar in its community.
  7. Each school will make a short Christmas and New Year video on an ecological subject and then post it on the project site.
  8. Each school will organize a Christmas and/or New Year festival on an ecological theme with a scenario written by students. All the partners’ videos will be shown at the festival
  9. A scale model of an ecological “green” town will be made in each school or in each class. Materials for recycling will be used to build the scale model and “green” power generators will also be built.
  10. Young learners will make doll houses and towns out of recycling materials. In their projects they will also use toys functioning on photovoltaic cells.
  11. Video conferences that will be held in order to decide on the details of the building together of a scale model for a “green” European town in Hungary.
  12. The scale model of “The Green European Town” will be built together
  13. The fourth number of the project magazine “A Green Drop for The Blue Planet” will be issued on the subject of green energies.