The major aim of this project is to stimulate the desire to start and manage one’s own business and at the same time to become aware of the importance of the triple R’s: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.
Throughout the project we aim at developing the students’ entrepreneurial spirit starting with the very early age of five. At the same time we also aim at developing their creativity, self-trust, teamwork abilities as well as encouraging them in taking initiatives.
Moreover, we want to make them become aware of their important role in protecting the environment as the future of a healthy green planet lies in their hands.
The main final products of this project will be:
• A common web site of the project where all the activities performed will be posted
• A CD with tutorials and ideas of recycling different materials
• An online exhibition of the products obtained in the process of recycling different materials
• A project magazine entitled “A Green Drop for the Blue Planet” as the result of the work of all our project partners
• A “green corner” in each class that takes part in the project and a little garden
• A CD on green energies that will include students’ ideas on how to build different green energy generators
The activities of the project were thought in such a way so that the first year be dedicated to recycling and reusing and the second one to reducing and green  energies.